The son of the time, we try to select the best products on the market. Quality products, tasty and fresh are the basis of our cuisine. Every day we scour the market to identify product providers saint, ecological and tasty. Our philosophy is to choose the most pure and authentic products to adapt to the current trend. It is this search for the perfect product that drives us to innovate and go further in quality.

Our shop

In our shop you will naturally find our delicatessen and meat products, all of which are prepared by our own hands, but also a vast range of fine products, mature and mild cheeses as well as a few choice ready-meals to be reheated so that you can, and why not, have a good excuse not to cook and put yourself in the hands of our chef.Of course, our well-stocked cellar is also open to you so that you can wine and dine in style.

Wine menu

Wine is water filled with sun » Galileo used to say. We therefore propose that you come and soak up its rays in our cellar to accompany your meals and receptions.We work with carefully selected producers from a large number of regions, growing a range of grape varieties so that you can choose the sun that will light up your evenings.

Zakouskis and tapas

During a reception, to make sure that no one drinks on an empty stomach or to keep your guests interested, it is often traditional to hand around trays of canapés.Hot or cold, zakouskis or tapas, our reception platters will keep everyone nibbling away throughout the evening, and stave away all thoughts of leaving early to go... for a bite to eat ! Salmon pancake sushi, mini-bites filled with cheese and walnuts, mini-glass of courgette mousse and roasted pine nuts, chicken kebab with sake and soya sauce… a few examples of the delicious dishes for you to try from our full menu.

Surprise breads

A simple and... surprise-free formula. Accessible to all, nothing could be tastier when prepared with a dash of passion and know-how.This alternative to the conventional sandwich platter makes it possible to enjoy a selection of salads and fillings that you discover as you... dig in.Whether you go for open or closed sandwiches, discover our wide selection: home-prepared cooked meats, Parma ham, home-made terrine, smoked salmon with cheese, foie gras, shrimps with chives,…available on our menu.

Coffee break

Our broad selection of pastries and petits fours makes an ideal addition to your meetings, seminars or professional events. All our products are freshly baked and are available in any combination.


A delicious dessert can sweeten up the most bitter negotiator. And that’s a fact.Our chocolate, sweet or fruity selection will bring harmony to your meetings and make your client play into your hands! End your business lunch on a high note! A la carte: chocolate mousse, tiramisù, chocolate ‘moelleux’ (molten chocolate cake), fresh fruit or raspberry tartlets, assortment of mini-glasses of lemon cream or chocolate mousse … Ask to see our full menu.


A large number of important clients or an improvised office party ? Why not organise a buffet ?Easy to set up, hot or cold, it allows you cater to everyone’s tastes while serving varied products, often locally sourced, in an informal atmosphere.Choice of: home-made-style, country-style, traditional, Italian-style or royal buffet… to find out about all the options we offer, please contact us.

Business lunch

A light, quick but well served lunch.Fresh and tasty products have a knack of giving a friendly and relaxed feel to the most tense of meetings. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our different menus. As well as the classic sandwiches and our suggestions, we also offer a choice of various platters, such as traditional, royal, luxury. Please contact us to find out about all the options we offer.


Get the day at the office off to a good start with a delicious basket of pastries, a decent cup of coffee or tea, or a selection of fruit or sandwiches.
Choose from: mini-Viennese pastries, soft-bread sandwiches with a variety of fillings (cheese, ham, salami, etc.), fresh orange juice, yoghurt, customised breakfast baskets… or ask to see our full menu.